Growing Faith, Growing Babies

Copyrights Hannah Lacy 2017

We all have turning points in our lives. Those specific moments of conquering fears- whether it was speaking in front of people, trying something new, being vulnerable,  or going to a place you’d never been to.

It seems that motherhood requires you to conquer fear all over again. The responsibility of caring for another life brings with it self doubt. Will you do it right? What if you make a mistake? Will you be able to give them enough? Be enough? I’m learning that this big empty space where we find ourselves lacking is the exact space for leaning on God. 

I’m only on my 2nd pregnancy, but it seems like each season of growing babies has brought with it the opportunity for growing faith. With my firstborn there was an awful infestation at the place where we lived right as we brought him home from the hospital. With no moments notice we had to move in family and start looking for a new home. On this second pregnancy we had an unexpected and unplanned job transition happen. God always provides, but  in those moments before He does it is tempting to doubt.

All through the bible we see men and women of faith. But especially mothers who had faith. Look at Mary the mother of Jesus. The only woman to have an immaculate conception. She had to trust God with the man she was supposed to Mary, and the child she was to raise who was going to save mankind. There is Elizabeth, the mother of John the baptist. She was barren for many years, but God performed a miracle and gave her a son. It must have taken much faith for Hannah to ask the Lord for a son, and then give her son Samuel to serve the Lord.

God provided answers to these mothers prayers, He performed miracles, and sent angels as messengers. Isaiah 40:11 says that He gently leads those that have young. Whether your growing babies in your belly, or growing and raising them after, God is with you Momma. All those moments and situations that you can't control, He is there. It takes Faith to grow babies and raise children. And it is a loving and trustworthy God that grows our faith.


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