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What is this new thing that has everyone decorating in neutral hues, re-organizing their closets, and generally owning less stuff? Minimalism. A back to the basics approach to life or more simple way of living. Less stuff less stress. Collecting moments not things. Keeping only what brings you joy( The life changing magic of tidying up) or a serves a specific function. The complete opposite of hoarding, and impulsive buying. We all think we need to be more organized. But maybe we just need to own less stuff. Still not buying it? I wasn't completely either until I stumbled across this quote by Eleanor Brown. "Clutter is not just physical stuff. It's old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self." Whoa. Clutter can be things that no longer serve a purpose in your life or things that weigh you down. So, how you can you start exploring minimalism?

Before you start getting nervous about purging your whole home, there's an easy place to start. Your closet. Personally I have always been a big fan of purging and/or organizing. I usually give away clothes/trade/or donate every season. (spring/summer. fall/winter). But life's recent changes have sent me on a rampant hunt for extra stuff I don't need anymore. Ive gone from young adulthood, to full blown adulthood, pregnancy, mommy hood, etc. And since my surgery last summer Ive had to deal with additional weight gain( I eat healthy and live an active lifestyle, TSH imbalance has caused weight gain). So, a lot of changes in a short period of time have helped me see even more clearly what no longer serves a purpose in my closet. In January I faced all my hangers the opposite way
( opposite direction of  how you usually hang them) and as I wore them hung them the right way at the end of thirty days I got rid of the items I never touched. If you can't part with your clothes on the spot put them in a box out of site and revisit in another thirty days. If you don't miss them it's time to diss them. Just think- less clothes= less laundry!

While your enjoying the extra space in your closet and spending less time on laundry, you may still be having trouble selecting outfits. Well, it gets better! A friend recently shared her project to start a capsule wardrobe and after having done some research, I have decided to start one also.
A capsule wardrobe or closet is built up of a few very versatile pieces. They are basics that match each other well during all four seasons. They are timeless pieces you will always love to wear.
Basics never go out of style, so you won't regret the investment. They may cost more than fast fashion and trends initially, but in the log run they will be worn more often and with more items.

There are many, lengthy, and very comprehensive lists for what you  need to build a capsule wardrobe. But I want to share 10 capsule wardrobe basics to help you get started.

  1. Black tank
  2. White tee
  3. Striped tee
  4. Blue jean  button down 
  5. Gray tee
  6. Gray cardigan
  7. Black blazer
  8. Black dress
  9. Black wool skirt
  10. Jeans
You may want to consider the style, length, fit, and fabric as you purchase these basics.
If you want to start acquiring more versatile high quality pieces and slimming down your closet, you can use Thred up. Order a free clean out kit and ship back items you no longer want, and receive store credit. Your being resourceful, owning less, spending less, and washing less.
It's a win, win situation! Also as a rule of thumb, for each new item I purchase I give one away.
Cutting down the clutter will cut down the time, energy, and stress you spend cleaning and organizing it.

I'd love  to hear any thoughts/comments you have on minimalism below!


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